Media Remix

Clear Channel presented the evolution of its products at the Circolo Filologico Milanese.

We discussed OOH as a tool for involvement and the possibility of accessing the augmented reality of physical spaces through the Web.

We discussed tomorrow’s future. Cities are the largest social network in the world, as everyone well knows. Yet it is certainly less well known that OOH – communication through advertising spaces inserted in the urban context – is the most efficient way to talk to people who matter, especially those who hold the keys to the new world in their pockets because they use a device connected to the network.
The near future, with new “Mobile Web” technologies and a renewed approach to OOH advertising, holds surprises and opportunities in store.
The survivors of the crisis already have a password: Media Remix.
—Paolo Casti

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy (Moderator)
Remo Lucchi – Gfk Eurisko