Paolo Casti is an Italian architect, designer and digital entrepreneur.

He merged his passions for art, science and technology in a series of multimedia activities full of contaminations and collaborations which, in a career spanning thirty years, enabled him to meet and collaborate in academic, institutional and entrepreneurial fields with the most active companies and brands in the world of international communication.

A master in recognizing the recurrent patterns and a virtuoso writer and designer, he interprets in his projects the taste of irony and excitement through pop language, full of cultured references and original quotations. He loves seduction and to amaze people.

He guided for twenty years Clear Channel Italy, American world-leading multinational company in the OOH communication market.

He designed communication systems based on furnishings and architecture for networks responding to coverage of pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows in public areas. His most important projects concern metropolitan areas, airports, motorways, exhibition centres and museums.

In 2015, he founded Studio Casti which operates in the Communication Design and strategic MKTG environment through a series of participations in the technological innovation, sustainable business, Wellness, corporate culture and entertainment field.

Studio Casti has offices in Milan, Miami, Shanghai and Dublin.

Paolo Casti is the author of numerous publications about MKTG, corporate culture, technological innovation, design and lifestyle.