Sostenibilità e Benessere

One of the areas of company assessment growing over time concerns the acceptance of social responsibility on the part of businesses.
In other words, their concern for sustainable development.

Sustainability is coming distinctly to the fore, especially among “new” segments, i.e. young people and adults taking a responsible stance in society.

As a consequence, it is both legitimate and necessary to ask ourselves what type of positioning and communication a company should define for itself in order to state its essential status today and ensure that it is always “well-liked”, even before activating a propensity for purchasing backed up by pro-active needs.

In analyzing the concept of sustainability at the heart of the meeting in the Atelier Pellini, we allowed ourselves be guided by the most important social research carried out in Italy into the topic of Well-Being.

This is the bulky survey compiled for the fourth year by Eumetra Monterosa presented in great detail during the “Sustainability and Well-Being” round table held in the Atelier Pellini by Remo Lucchi and integrated with original infographics and in-depth analysis developed using “PlayNumbers”, an innovative dynamic display system.

Paolo Casti – Atelier Pellini

Paolo Casti – Atelier Pellini (Moderator)
Remo Lucchi – Eumetra Monterosa
Editta Buttura Da Prato – BeBetter/ Studio Casti
Consuelo Arezzi – Gruppo Next 14
Laura Traldi – DesignAtLarge
Francesca Panzarin – Womenomics
Giorgio Astesano – Pininfarina