People and Places

In January 2012, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan hosted Clear Channel together with GfK Eurisko for the presentation of the finalized tool used to map the lifestyles of subjects exposed to outdoor advertising by integrating AudiOutdoor audience information (the Audience Measurement system currently in use in Italy) with Sinottica data (the research most used by the Italian market to define targets).

In particular, we developed an algorithm used to analyze the raw information about the subjects sampled by AudiOutdoor obtaining, for each of them, the precise positioning on Sinottica’s “Grande Mappa”.
In other words, we managed to calculate the “lifestyle” of each subject sampled by AudiOutdoor and thereby obtain the opportunity to analyze the lifestyles of the entire Italian population with respect to local areas, our media and our products.
—Paolo Casti

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy (Moderator)
Francesco Celentano – Clear Channel Italy
Remo Lucchi – GfK Eurisko
Gigi Mozzi – Mediamarketing Lab
Pru Parkinson – Clear Channel International