This highway billboard has an aerodynamic profile ideal for the artistic and cultural subjects
located along the Brenner highway in northern Italy.

The idea develops the concept of always positioning communication space on the right in relation to the visual axis of people traveling along the highway.
The “shape” embodying this “design postulate” is a billboard with a slightly curved outline that accompanies the gaze of observers in the direction of travel.

Several solutions are used for the two vertical sides. The one on the right (virtually invisible to observers) is simply bent towards the rear; the one on the left is more important (in being closest to the visual axis) and curved softly so that it reaches the support pole set slightly back from the surface of the billboard.

The absolute purity of the graphics support surface eliminates any possible interference between the system and the image – which in this way is totally in the forefront and stands out directly against the background landscape.

Although unlikely for those traveling along this highway, the bird’s eye view emphasizes the aesthetic philosophy of this system even more explicitly.

The formal result, thanks to its aerodynamic shape closely resembling a wing, calls up an all in all positive idea of a “traveling” object.