Tower 200

This spectacular vertical wall is 3 meters wide and 15 meters high. It comprises a wooden structure of cleverly spaced superimposed crossed beams generating an original “pattern” made up of six superimposed ideograms, dedicated six periods in the history of Verona.

Starting at the bottom: Roman Verona in I century A.D., dominion under the Lombards in VI century, rule of the Scaligeri family in XV century, XVII century fortifications and artistic rebirth, emigration overseas in the XX century and, at the top, the present with Verona at the center of an international tourist and cultural system.

Each ideogram, created with the same “texture” technique as the beams, appears again on its own in each of the six mobile trapezoidal cross-section systems arranged on the airport promenade.

The aesthetic result gives this functional yet, all in all, elementary structure an extraordinary communicative force without interfering with the advertising subject dominating the main surfaces of the totem and mobile systems.

The idea of not creating advertising systems for their own sake but giving them the mission of telling us about city we are visiting – of which the airport is an active part – means that these installations are always up-to-date.