Chassis 80/200

A series of nomadic Micro Architectures installed along the airport promenade.

They are used as advertising support stands and, aligned at due distances, mark the space along the pedestrian route.

Their structural function as advertising media is met thanks to a series of metal accessories mounted on the horizontal edges used to tauten large vinyl canvases with the “maxi-billboard” technique used to cover monuments and buildings in urban centers during restoration work.

The mobile nature of these structures obviously entails a larger side profile than the rigid poles, mounted in bulky foundation plinths, generally used in the past.

Especially when seen close up, as simple load-bearing structures, such dimensions would be extremely intrusive.

The idea, therefore, was to humanize the side view of these advertising systems by designing structural elements to evoke a series of graphic motifs symbolizing our history.

The inclusion of these traces of history, these significant signs belonging to the past life of Verona and its people, make this line of advertising systems original and unusual by achieving the dignity of an artistic installation worthy of the city where they are installed and its history.