Tilt Blade Line

The Tilt Blade line is part of the advertising media assets designed for Verona International Airport.

The system series is designed in three formats (18, 36 and 50) and is intended for short-term advertising. The printed film displays the main façade by exposing the front panel to the direction of vehicular traffic. It is secured by a system of elastic cables that tension the edges of the film.
The ground support consists of a steel tube with a trellis system that distances the image from the support, giving it a calibrated tilt to favor advertising display and to create an effect of suspension and lightness. 

The Tilt Blades are designed to be positioned along the perimeter of terminal parking areas, at traffic flows, and will take advantage of the plinths and supporting structures of existing systems that will be regenerated and equipped with new communication supports.

The Tilt Blade 18 system is also available in a LED version: the Tilt LED 18