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Uscir di casa per le feste

THE HOLIDAYS: the time of year everyone loves for shopping, New Year’s Eve with friends and vacations in the mountains. People on the move, the race for Christmas presents and even more purchases thanks to end-of-year bonus pay. CITIES teem with people and shopping centers are always open until late. The usual indigestion of parcels and bags, a fever for spending that no one wishes to get over. And then there are the trips to the mountains and “settimana bianca” holidays: everyone wants to be outdoors again, ignoring the cold and always hoping for that WHITE CHRISTMAS despite the problems snow may cause when traveling.

Christmas Day, the New Year and Epiphany – another period distinctly characterized by purchases and mass travel. Another excellent opportunity to find ways of communicating through outdoor advertising with people moving from one shop window to the next or even traveling to other regions, looking for the freshest snow or the company of a fireplace in a mountain home.

Crowded cities, PEOPLE looking for gift ideas, roads and highways finally with fewer trucks and full of HAPPY AND EXCITED groups in search of fun. A good mood at last, the offspring of optimism that embraces everyone at the beginning of the year.

For people, like us, who deal with outdoor advertising, this is the ideal opportunity for offer advice and products through posters that will be experienced with even more ENTHUSIASM and interest.
The layout of our advertising spaces inside cities is already very good and coverage in historic centers is assured by the largest advertising offering involving street furniture in Italy.
Highways, with busy parking areas and toll booths, also play an important role in the daily lives of people on the move and the offering of quality advertising spaces is now complete and varied. Given all this potential, it would be a pity not to ensure even more impetus for using outdoor advertising in this period.

This is why we wanted to INVESTIGATE the way Italians experience the festive season, focusing interest above all on when, how often and why they leave their homes. We asked ourselves these questions, not so much to dispel the commonplace that people stay AT HOME IN SLIPPERS in Winter to watch TV or read magazines, which is far from true, but to understand the moods of people who move around, interpret their thoughts and their willingness to accept advice.
Of course, magazines are already thinking about decorative bows for products and WHISPERING recipes and shopping hints for the Christmas gift race. Yet we think that when people go out of home headlong into that vital ritual that anthropologist Eugene Beauty even defined as “A long, collective PRELIMINARY of love”, everything changes, and they at last forget about magazines and TV because, when it comes to LOVE we can TALK about it without going any further but DOING is quite another thing.

This is why going out is so enjoyable, why outdoor advertising enjoys such a great advantage even at this time of year, because everyone goes out and posters are part of our life: we come across them strolling around the city center, they greet us when we go on holiday and wait for us when return home.

So, for the festive period, we have developed a new way of interpreting the outdoor experience by adapting our offering and re-organizing the distribution of advertising spaces to direct it towards the most INTENSE AND VARIED pedestrian and vehicle flows during the holidays. Our coverage objectives change by emphasizing high-density shopping areas and areas adjacent to shopping centers – the real cathedrals of Christmas consumption rituals.
Even traffic entering and leaving urban areas has strategic PRIORITIES in the Christmas circuits. Traffic on highways at this time of year increases by more than 20% and advertising in service areas and near toll booths is more visible. Even skiing areas are covered with appropriate space in strategic positions.
A good job, then.

Testing this strategic arrangement of Christmas circuits already took place last Winter and the TRUST of the first clients involved in launching the initiative was rewarded by the results of this research.

Using the colors of Winter, we are delighted to inform you in a nutshell about results of this research which, in honour of our medium, we have named “OUT OF HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS”.
This research also helped us build the Christmas circuits, i.e. products dedicated to the festive season. A proposal dedicated to advertisers so they can plan outdoor advertising even in the middle of winter when – paradoxically – people move around more and are more willing to be seduced. An alternative way to win market shares and stand out, in the truest sense of the word, from the bedlam of increasingly overworked spots on TV that, for once, we can leave behind at home.

Paolo Casti

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