Le Città italiane e la Pubblicità Esterna

At the beginning of 2005, the Italian outdoor industry had the chance to achieve a leap in quality which would at last enable it to move definitively closer to other media.
The Audiposter research project was presented on 9 March and what for the market was merely a tool for measuring audiences by dealers (who can access “primitive” information for each advertising space) could be interpreted as the most important database that the outdoor industry has ever had at its disposition for creating its products. To understand the new horizons of the media more precisely, Clear Channel with the UPA Master in Business Communication at Ca’ Foscari invited the protagonists of the advertising market to learn more about what the leading Italian billboard company had developed with this database. The content of the next few pages hardly suffices to document the emotion and pride of having taken part in such an historical moment for Italian advertising but it can certainly represent, for those who were present that evening sitting at the Monopolis table, the delightful memory of having contributed to the evolution of strategic thinking by Italian outdoor advertising.

Paolo Casti

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