70” Full-HD vertical LCD multimedia display.

As early as 2005, Clear Channel was ahead of its times when it presented an innovative support for video information specifically for the world of Digital Signage and Digital Advertising.

TVision is equipped with 70” LCD technology panels, integrated with special industrial PCs, proximity sensors with wireless or network connectivity.

The future must communicate with people: the general public increasingly demands information, messages, texts, sounds and everything else that can guide visitors with better information about routes, the availability of goods, places and people, advertisements and data, which may interest and help them move around public environments more easily.

TVision combines all the features of the world of video information and Digital Signage in a single, extraordinary integrated All-In-One product.
A single product combines a Full-HD large-format LCD display for viewing images (advertising photo slideshows, clips, videos, films, video clips, etc.), quality audio (with 10 Watts speakers integrated behind to the glass) and various display-user interface functions (complete power on status and sleep-mode status).