Multifunction support for variable shape billboard signs installed along the Serenissima and Gruppo Autostrade highway networks, at toll booths, service stations and parking areas.

The “Y” (Ipsilon) system and its optional accessories are a simple and ideal solution designed to support any type of advertising panel; above all, it is adaptable to the future developments that will undoubtedly involve the advertising media used in outdoor communication.

A single, variable-height, steel pole 60 cm in diameter supports an elegant fork-shaped trellis that in turn provides two sturdy anchors 3 meters above the cylindrical platform.

The structural function of this kind of multi-purpose support releases the product from any type of constraint associated with the shape of the advertising billboard; above all, it comes forward as an effective innovation in terms of design and functionality.

More specifically, the structure’s three anchor points ensure a broad range of alternatives as regards display area.

It is also possible to use one or the other or both sides of the fork indiscriminately to support advertising panels.