BBX Runway

Digital fashion shows… in the front row.

A 5 cm thick aluminium band frames a 95” 16:9 screen and a 500 Watts Hi-Fi audio device.

Integrated into a single self-supporting audio/video system, these devices expand a new generation of devices designed to reproduce music and images with the highest quality, support the most innovative Wi-Fi transmission techniques and interact with audiences. 

The vertical format of BBX Runway is designed to handle all communication situations associated with the world of luxury and – especially – fashion shows.

The huge 4K screen with a 120 cm base by 220 cm in height can reproduce human figures in 1:1 scale.

The 500 Watts audio system is designed to reproduce frequencies from 38 Hz to 22 KHz, creating an unprecedented impression of huge impact by reducing the size of the technological equipment to an area measuring less than 1 square meter.

The elegant outlines and extreme flexibility of use, in logistical and content management terms, place BBX Runway firmly in the new and unexplored world of user friendly technology.