BBX Cinema Studio and Home Cinema

From the new Apple TV to the PlayStation and all the other devices in the Android world, the market offers new operating systems and amazing ways to interact within these increasingly rich ecosystems. BBX Cinema and Home Cinema are professional terminals which support these concepts. They are contemporary and classic at one and the same time. They are easy to interpret in terms of image and absolute function for all new proposals of the technology industry, depending on what and with which “apps” we choose to see.

Associated with new entertainment devices having BBX HC/ CS, you can explore the endless, buzzing digital network to access movies, TV programs or even console games. You can also connect to satellite networks and personal or professional multimedia. Their outlines are dictated by the thickness of the screen and its dimensions.

The speakers extend the screen on both sides. In the aesthetics of both models, the rich leather handle plays a decisive role that recall of those great old trunks used by wealthy travelers doing the Grand Tour.

In terms of quality, we are talking about maximum professional levels. The screen is 4K and audio is esoteric, capable of reproducing extremely low bass, starting from 35Hz, all the way up to the highest frequencies of 22 KHz. These features place this equipment in the high-end category or rather the highest end of audio/video products. Power naturally changes while maintaining the same generous footprint in both models from 1000 Watts for the “Cinema” version to 400 Watts for the “Home” model. Dimensions also vary: 50 inches for the HC model versus 95 inches for the CS.

The high-performance speakers we chose, proportionally for the two models, cannot be reduced in size, and above all, the volume of the air they cause to vibrate cannot be reduced. This brought about the idea of making the silhouette visible through the protective fabric that extrudes their imprint both on the front and back. The result is a soft and elegant panel from which images and sounds emerge with unexpected quality and strength. We call this the “pushforward” effect and it unites a great deal of the equipment in the “Boohmbox” line.