BBX City was created with the intention of integrating the huge potential for involving OOH communication with the appeal of digital technologies.

It has a pulsating white heart, a large, bright face, two small eyes and four strong legs.

BBX City stands on a stabilization system that is not fixed to the ground.
The legs are crossed two by two to create two trestles standing on the ground.
They are white, soft and very simple in shape. This is to distract attention from their true nature. They are the foundation of the system. Weighing 1000 kg each, together they add up to the 4000 kg needed to ensure stability in compliance with current legislation and preventing the system against overturning even when the wind reaches 120 km/h. This means that BBX City can travel freely around cities, museums, events, airports and wherever it is needed, in all weather conditions and with maximum safety.

A cylinder of the same color stands on the white legs, delicately embraced in their crosspieces. This “white cigar” is home to an audio device designed for open-air use that ensures amazing quality and efficiency. Four 500 Watts amplifiers: two for the subwoofers, which are housed at the sides and take up almost one third of the internal volume of the cylinder, and two more for the medium and high woofers. The former are located inside and face upwards, towards a double wing which emits sound on both sides that come out of the slit placed at more than two meters in height, while the others are on the front and housed in the same slit.

Amplifiers and computers can be reached from a hatch on the underside of the system.
The same opening provides access to the hardware used to manage the screen.

A 12 square meter, high-definition screen is slotted into the white cylinder and can be used horizontally as well as vertically using step 4 or even step 2 LED technology.