At the core of the Smart City is digital transformation and the use of technology (Internet of Things). Connectivity is becoming an increasingly key factor, making cities smart and thus more efficient and sustainable.

SmartOne is a line of products designed to create the foundations for a leap in quality in DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) devices intended to populate Smart Cities.

These products are designed not only to improve urban infrastructure but also to contribute to the well-being of citizens by optimizing the management and delivery of public services, in line with an ethic of sustainability and efficiency.

The heart of the system is the S1BB module, a horizontal “BrainBox” bar placed at the top of the device, equipped with sensors, cameras, and a computer connected to the network of all twin devices distributed throughout the national territory. This all-in-one device is designed to collect precise and geolocated environmental data, which can be integrated with mobility and telecommunications databases.

SmartOne supports the management of large volumes of data in real-time, used to optimize public goods and provide services. It is a digital synergy that connects the digital world to the physical one, supporting Public Administration and transport infrastructures.

SmartOne is an intelligent device with sensory capabilities similar to the five human senses: it has the ability to communicate with words, numbers, images, and sounds.
It has a large screen associated with an accessory equipped with efficient and fast artificial intelligence, complete with all available environmental detection technologies to detect, read, catalog, and interpret everything around it.

The screen technology is LED. This type of display offers superior brightness (up to 5,000 nits compared to 1,200 nits of LCDs), is modular, and allows for assemblies without visual interruptions, facilitating maintenance at the level of individual modules or diodes. Additionally, LEDs have a lifespan about twice as long as LCDs and show significant performance differences during their life cycle.

Within the SmartOne line, two types of formats stand out for specific characteristics and applications: the GoTv and the DiGiMupi. Both formats are designed to adapt to the diverse needs of Smart Cities, ensuring clear and visible information in various urban contexts.

The GoTv:
The GoTv screen is designed in the 4/3 format to make the 16/9 space, dedicated to videos, information, and advertisements, independent. This occupies the upper part of the LED panel, while the lower part is dedicated to communication and news banners.

It is a 100” screen, 2 meters wide and 1.5 meters high.

Overall, including the intelligent S1BB module, the standard installation measures 2×2 meters. In some extraordinary locations, an extra-large version 3.5 meters wide is planned.

The DiGiMupi:
As with the GoTv, the intelligent accessory is placed at the top of the structure with smaller dimensions but with the same functional characteristics.

The screen is a 100” in 9/16 format. 125 cm base and 225 cm height.

In total, the device exceeds 3 meters in height and can be placed close to the ground rather than higher up to be more visible, above the heads of the public, in locations with very high pedestrian traffic.