La Sinfonia Artistica del Blu e del Bianco

The famous Chinese Batik whose long history of production dates back to the 6th century was originally widespread throughout China. Now what remains of the Batik tradition of color in fabrics and objects is found only in remote minority villages of Guizhou, relatively intact. The Batik technique consists of using natural water-resist materials such as beeswax clay, […]

Yongyuan, Il Negozio di Giocattoli Immaginari

Yongyuan is not simply a nostalgia shop but above all a toy store made for children, so that they can establish a strong bond with their past and their memories. It is therefore a place where the children keep their dearest objects, often forgotten over time, which however need to be collected in their memory […]

Your Chinese Name

Did you know that Coca-Cola in Chinese means “the drink that makes you happy”? When Chinese consumers read the characters for Coca Cola – 可口可乐 Kĕkŏu Kĕlè – they immediately think of “something worth drinking in moments of happiness” or, more simply, “the drink that makes you happy”. This marvelous translation is also accurate in […]

Una Lezione sul Futuro

This “Lesson on the Future” represents the summary of an in-depth study on the topic of Sustainability and Well-being which I had the privilege of conducting, last December, coordinating the work of a group of experts at Atelier Pellini, the creative department of Pellini Caffè.  In deepening this two concepts which were at the center […]

Atelier Pellini

A show in three acts about a unique and unmistakable coffee. Atelier Pellini is a stage set that presents the experiences of a family of entrepreneurs who have traveled the world in search of the best way to improve the delightful flavor of their signature coffee. A family which looks for ways to respect nature […]

Navi Volanti

Three projects for the near future of DOOH communication. I will talk about smart phones, the visionary person who changed our lives by simplifying the advanced technologies and that designer who evolved his vision of materiality to offer us a new way of thinking about our own relationships with personal devices. I will do so […]

Be Beautiful

Viaggio nel tempo tra mode e miti One thing is certain: women were destined as if by a biological mission to ensure the survival of the human species. Nature, in entrusting this destiny to them, at times not without suffering unknown to males, also facilitated their role by making them attractive and well-disposed to interpersonal […]

Venice Airport

Year Category Related Projects Exclusivity, innovation & creativity. In this folder is represented only part of the digital offer at Venice Airport. The cover illustrates three original projects of Clear Channel Italy (design Paolo Casti) innovatively interpreting the key points of digital proposals: DigiWelcome, WelcomeTower and LCD 65”. Link Issuu: 19 Yongyuan, Il Negozio […]

Tribù Metropolitane

Città, pubblicità e palinsesto The mobility of Italians and its impact on the population in urban areas.Lectures by Paolo Casti for the Master in Business Communication UPA course at Ca ’Foscari University in Venice. Link Issuu: Year Category Related Projects 24 Monopolis 24 Una Lezione sul Futuro 24 Atelier Pellini 24 Vacanze Italiane Inverno […]

Otto lezioni al Master

Audiposter e l’evoluzione della pubblicità esterna Insights from eight lectures given between 2004 and 2006 by Paolo Casti for the Master in Business Communication UPA course at Ca ’Foscari University in Venice. Link Issuu: Year Category Related Projects 24 Vacanze Italiane 24 Be Beautiful 24 Navi Volanti 24 Otto lezioni al Master 24 Stanze […]