Be Beautiful

Viaggio nel tempo tra mode e miti

One thing is certain: women were destined as if by a biological mission to ensure the survival of the human species. Nature, in entrusting this destiny to them, at times not without suffering unknown to males, also facilitated their role by making them attractive and well-disposed to interpersonal relationships.

Relationships with others, for women, are a fundamental part of their existence. It is no wonder that, more than men, women make efforts to be attractive, presentable or seductive and, however annoying for many, the use of these qualities is also plausible in activities other than those strictly related to biological duty.

Without claiming to provide an exhaustive or complete picture, I journeyed through time in an effort to find the epicenter of the phenomena that, in my opinion, influenced tastes and trends, cross-fertilizing and progressively evolving the concept of beauty.

Paolo Casti

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