BBX SoundBoard

The BBX Sound Board is a high-power, self-amplified Hi-Fi audio speaker system.
The astonishingly compact design incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, two amplifiers and five speakers of different sizes. It is tall and narrow to reduce space and make sure it distributes high and medium tones above the head of the audience. The remarkable power, with the consequent impact of the loudspeakers, alongside the low depth, contrast significantly with the support of the wall that ensures stability and safety for the system.

This requirement lies behind the idea of the object’s shape.
A board leaning against the wall, touching it at the very top, with a rubberized base on the floor just enough away from the wall itself to ensure stability.

I designed my music board to be robust and stable; the only constraint imposed on audio technicians was that the internal volume had to be at least 200 liters. To hold the perceived thickness of the profiles at around 12 cm while upholding technical indications, I had to move the loudspeakers forward. This expedient, in fact, heightens the character of the main face of the board. The perfectly circular profile of the speakers of all dimensions pushes the jersey block on the four-sided profile of the perimeter outwards.
The aesthetic result is that my tall and narrow “bar of soap”, seems to have protruding circular bodies, mysteriously expanding from the top to the bottom.

To optically and structurally detach the four-sided yellow figure from the floor, I mounted the chrome-plated cart of a longboard and fitted it with yellow wheels.
Functionally speaking, when it is in the rest position, the wheels are locked and they provide delicate support for the board; when tilted, the wheels unlock and make the case easier to move. The wheels soften the image of the product and in addition enhance the “nomadic nature” that all the objects in the “Boohmbox” line have.
— Paolo Casti