Previous Next 70” Full-HD vertical LCD multimedia display. As early as 2005, Clear Channel was ahead of its times when it presented an innovative support for video information specifically for the world of Digital Signage and Digital Advertising. TVision is equipped with 70” LCD technology panels, integrated with special industrial PCs, proximity sensors with wireless […]

Panchina Napoli

Previous Next Bench used in the historic Center of Naples. It is made of impregnated and varnished mahogany, as on cruise ships, and the backrest is clearly inspired by ocean surfboards. The brackets stand back from the bench itself to reach the backrest from behind, in order to make it independent and enhance the outlines […]

Cestino Napoli

Previous Next Trash cans used in the historic center of Naples. These cans have the classic shape of an amphora: slender and tapered at the base to reduce its footprint on the ground, yet fitted with a secure mount that, in addition to blocking the artefact, also levels it so that its “presence” is even […]

Colonna Meteo

Previous Next In conceptual terms, Colonna Meteo is the most important street furniture line developed for the City of Naples.It summarizes three functions in a sleek, elegant form: bench, compass and weather station. It is a circular bench comprising of twelve red marble ashlars that block the totem on the ground. The surface is smooth […]


Previous Next An information system for the City of Naples. All information systems are designed in the awareness that every object installed in public areas must perform as many functions as possible.This is why each “stake” plays the dual role supporting the advertising or institutional framework as well as supporting information of various kinds: taxis, […]

4 x 3

Previous Next Illuminated 4 x 3 billboard adopted by the City of Naples in high traffic intensity areas. Year Category Related Projects 22 4 x 3 22 TVision

Joint Twin

The Twin unit extends the potential of the Joint system to the 12×3 maxi-format. This is an extremely popular format, especially among creatives who can achieve high impact communication thanks to this elongated form. The combination of the two poles making up the installation and the way the “bulbs” are “planted” in the ground not […]

Joint O’Clock

Advertising clock. An evident variation of Joint, the O’Clock system explores the possibility of a formal link between supports for “tabular” advertising and those intended for other uses. An immediately-recognizable designer watch instantly recalling models on the market, installed on the top of the Joint pole is a discreet yet functional form of advertising in […]

Joint Touring

Highway billboard provided for by the highway code to promote useful information about the local area. The flexibility of the Joint system is even more apparent in this “roadside” application.The orientation of the sign in this case helps offset the angle of the pole which in this “spectacular” application is also slanted at the side […]


Joint is an advertising system used to support large, horizontal and vertical sheets under tension installed in the highway service stations of “Autostrade per l’Italia”. This feature is itself a revolutionary and innovative aspect for this kind of support system.The design intention was to achieve a very attractive system even when viewed from behind.In formal […]