Atelier Pellini

A show in three acts about a unique and unmistakable coffee. Atelier Pellini is a stage set that presents the experiences of a family of entrepreneurs who have traveled the world in search of the best way to improve the delightful flavor of their signature coffee. A family which looks for ways to respect nature […]


Previous Next Every airport has its own personality.As for people, airport character often depends on who or what surrounds it, the energy it emanates or accumulates thanks to users of its facilities. During my frequent visits to Apulia, two things struck me most: the silent, imposing and friendly nature, and the serious, effective and ambitious […]

Navi Volanti

Three projects for the near future of DOOH communication. I will talk about smart phones, the visionary person who changed our lives by simplifying the advanced technologies and that designer who evolved his vision of materiality to offer us a new way of thinking about our own relationships with personal devices. I will do so […]

BBX 66

Previous Next The BBX66 was designed starting from the idea that it would be placed outdoors and therefore would be subject to considerable wear and tear. Inasmuch, it had to be resistant to water and accidental bumps. It also had to be light enough to be transported and yet heavy enough not to flip over […]

BBX Disco Volante

Previous Next The “Disco Volante” is a disc-shaped, built-in audio and lighting system.It is comprises two symmetrical, mirrored half-shells on a horizontal lighted plane. It is three meters in diameter and has a light alloy tubular structure covered in stretchy material which can be personalized. It is a neoprene coupled with a high-strength lycra that […]

BBX Cinema Studio and Home Cinema

Previous Next From the new Apple TV to the PlayStation and all the other devices in the Android world, the market offers new operating systems and amazing ways to interact within these increasingly rich ecosystems. BBX Cinema and Home Cinema are professional terminals which support these concepts. They are contemporary and classic at one and […]

BBX Runway

Previous Next Digital fashion shows… in the front row. A 5 cm thick aluminium band frames a 95” 16:9 screen and a 500 Watts Hi-Fi audio device. Integrated into a single self-supporting audio/video system, these devices expand a new generation of devices designed to reproduce music and images with the highest quality, support the most […]

BBX SoundBoard

Previous Next The BBX Sound Board is a high-power, self-amplified Hi-Fi audio speaker system.The astonishingly compact design incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, two amplifiers and five speakers of different sizes. It is tall and narrow to reduce space and make sure it distributes high and medium tones above the head of the audience. The remarkable power, […]

Viaggio nel Tempo tra Donne e Musica

Previous Next The history of costume has taught us that beauty, however it may be defined in every historical period, is associated with dynamics that modify its perception.Be Beautiful, the Philanthropic Association founded by Paolo Casti and Editta Buttura Da Prato, has pursued the meaning of beauty through studies, personal testimonies, surveys and insights. Initiatives […]

Media Remix

Previous Next Clear Channel presented the evolution of its products at the Circolo Filologico Milanese. We discussed OOH as a tool for involvement and the possibility of accessing the augmented reality of physical spaces through the Web. We discussed tomorrow’s future. Cities are the largest social network in the world, as everyone well knows. Yet […]