Atlantide is an Italian company specializing in the design and construction of boats in the Luxury Houseboat sector, co-founded by Studio Casti.

The main models, AT22 and AT18, offer fully customizable interiors. The basic configuration includes three cabins on deck and two below deck, for a total of 10 berths. The standard engine is hybrid, with an option for full electric. Both models are CE certified and have Rina 3 certification, category C.

AT22: 22 m x 7 m
AT18: 18 m x 6 m

The global luxury houseboat market is constantly growing, attracting more and more travelers seeking exclusive experiences. These boats offer the perfect blend of comfort, adventure, and luxury, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking landscapes while cruising or mooring on rivers, lakes, or seas.

Luxury houseboats have become a trendy choice for family vacations, corporate meetings, and sporting or social events, also offering excellent solutions for co-working and permanent residences.

The luxury houseboat market is global, with renowned destinations such as the backwaters of Kerala in India, the canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the Norwegian fjords, Italian lakes, and the exotic islands of Indonesia, as well as prestigious coastal cities like Miami and Dubai. This market is influenced by environmental and sustainability trends.
Our houseboats, designed to reduce environmental impact, use advanced technologies such as low-emission engines and eco-friendly waste management systems.

The AT22 and AT18 models represent the archetype of the floating luxury home, an “exclusive tender” for owners of seaside villas. They offer premium spaces for guests, with the comfort of a master villa in exclusive locations like Costa Smeralda, Monte Carlo, and Miami, as an alternative to multimillion-dollar yachts.

This water real estate project allows placing a villa with every comfort in any maritime, lake, or river location, creating unique new buildable areas worldwide. At the same time, it revitalizes marinas, often struggling, with spaces dedicated to exclusive conviviality.